Starkville Tennis Association

» Buckley Faulk Memorial


Please note that this year (2009) we are playing a first-match-loss consolation bracket (FMLC), not a FIC, for brackets with more than 4 entries. For those new to tennis, this means if you lose your first match, you play the remainder of your matches in the consolation bracket. Smaller brackets, 2- 4 entries, will play a round robin.

Matches will be played at Pitts and at Starkville High School courts. (A big thanks to Per and Tracey for their continued support of Starkville Tennis Association in allowing us to use the MSU courts.) There may be a few early matches at SHS. The matches at Pitts will start at 5:30 (check-in at 5:00). If you play at 7:00, check in by 6:30. A release form must be signed by each player. First match times will be posted on the website. Courts will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis. When all four players have checked in, you will be put in the queue for a court. We will play a 10 pt tie breaker in lieu of a 3rd set.

Alison Calhoun